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LED 'Sea of Green' Grow Box System
LED 'Sea of Green' Grow Box System
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Complete Hydro System:  300w Skunk LED Upgrade:  CO2 System:  Light Traps:  Carbon Filter Fan Combo: 
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Product Description

LED 'Sea of Green' Grow Box System
36" H x 18" D x 26" W

Our 240 watt LED 'Sea of Green' grow box utilizes a high powered LED grow light for all phases of plant growth. Grow up to eight high yielding plants in as short as 8 weeks using our 4" square containers designed to use all of the available grow space. No longer worry about the grow environment becoming too hot or catching fire; our high powered LED grow lights do not emit any heat allowing you to lower the grow light within centimeters of the plant canopy thus increasing growth rates and yields.

The Sea of Green Grow Box System is the most revolutionary plant grow system since the inception of the High Pressure Sodium lamp. Consuming only 240 watts of power and producing virtually no heat, it boasts light intensity and growth rates exceeding that of a 600W HPS. Tests have shown that a 240 watt LED grow light gives your plants greater light intensity and growth rates than a standard 600 watt HPS grow light, yet uses only one-eighth of the electricity. Our LED plant grow lights utilizes high efficiency, wide angle 3 watt LEDs, using only the exact spectrums of light required for plant photosynthesis. The light spectrum is tailored to the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll, caroten, phycoerythrin and phycocyanin. It's ideal for all phases of plant growth. We also give you the option to upgrade to the 300w LED grow light if you are looking for connoisseur quality plants!!

We include the following items with this grow box:

*240w LED grow light

*Mylar insulated grow box

*Complete ventilation system

*Rope ratchet adjustable hang kit

*Odor absorbing gel

*AC odor eliminating filter

*Heavy duty lock

*Heavy duty timer

*Fox farm ocean forest soil

*8 square containers

*8 rockwool cubes

*Veg and bloom fertilizer

Everything you will need to start and finish your plants is included!!

Item Descriptions:

300w / 240 watt High Intensity Grow Lights- The 240w and 300w LED grow lights are designed and built by Skunk LED Light Systems, a company in the USA specializing in LED grow lights. Recent testing shows that high powered LEDs like these are surpassing 400w and 600w HPS grow lights at overall plant growth and production due to their ability to give off only usable light spectrums for photosynthesis. LEDs also do not give off hardly any heat, which allows your plants to get closer to the light where it is more powerful. LED grow boxes can also be easily rigged to use CO2 since the ventilation fans can be turned off without it becoming too hot for the plants. If you are looking for a step above the rest the 300w upgrade is for you. Your end product will be extremely dense and yields will be near the same quality as a 1000w HPS. We only use grow lights designed and engineered in the USA, and we do not use cheap Chinese knockoffs. Our grow lights come with a one year warranty so you can rest assured we will take care of you long after the sale.

Complete Hydroponics System- Allows you to grow your plants via hydroponics DWC (deep water culture) and includes everything you need to start growing eight plants. There are several advantages of growing using hydroponics including faster growth, higher yields, and more control over nutrient concentration. We DO NOT recommend this option for new growers as hydroponics can be far less forgiving than soil, and with a small reservoir the values can fluctuate greatly.

*Grow pots (5)

*PH Tester kit

*PH up/down

*Flora Veg and Bloom Nutrients

*Hydroton Rock

*Rockwool Cubes (5)

*Air Pump

*Bubble Stones (2)

Nutrients or fertilizer will significantly increase yields if used properly by giving your plants high levels of elements it requires for each stage of growth. Two bottles of nutrients are included with this grow system; one bottle for the veg stage and one for the flowering stage.

Carbon Filter + Fan- Our 4" carbon filter works by using a very strong inline fan to push the air from the area near the grow box into the carbon filter where it is dispersed into the room odor free. The carbon filter can be used for up to 20 months straight before it needs to be replaced. If you are serious about eliminating odor this is the item you want. On the downside, since a powerful fan is used to push the air through the carbon filter, the fan is not exactly silent like the standard ventilation fans we use, and sounds almost like a hair dryer. These fans make the least amount of noise on the market however, and the carbon filters are made with 100% pure virgin carbon. The filter and fan is placed on the floor beside the grow box and will clear a large room of any strong odors within a few minutes. Very powerful odor elimination tool, but does make noise.

Soil Package- Quality soil is the most important factor for a successful grow. This grow system comes with four 1 gallon bags of quality premixed Fox Farm Ocean Forest organic soil. Fox Farm soil is premixed with all necessary elements including perlite which allows oxygen to reach the root system for healthier plants. We also include square containers which stack next to each other and utilize all available space for root development. Round containers waste valuable space because they do not stack together. The more room your plants have to develop a root system, the more they will yield. The soil package includes the following items:

*Four Bags of Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

*Eight 4inch square containers

*Eight seed starter cubes

*General Hydroponics Grow and Bloom nutrients

Light Timer- A light timer will turn the lights on and off at user specified intervals. Since plants require a period of darkness to begin producing flowers, a timer is necessary to regulate this.

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